Monday, April 7, 2014

Pearl Harbor and Circle Island Tour

Thursday will be a time to enjoy the beach and wander around on our own at our own pace.

Friday will be a full day as we will start by meeting our tour at 6am. We will be traveling on a trolley to Pearl Harbor and we must get there early in order to get our tickets before they are gone for the day. This is a must see for everyone's first time to Hawaii.

After our tour here, which I estimate will be about 2 hr., we will get back on our trolley and go on a 120 mile tour around the island. By combining these 2 tours we will save ourselves time and the cost of transportation. And I think the trolley will be a fun way to see the island and with half the number of people that would be on a bus.

One of our first stops will be at Dole Pineapple Plantation. I understand the Dole Whips are very good and will be a good mid-morning snack.

 Because we have a lot of area to see we won't spend too long at any one place. Rather the Circle Island Tour is a good one to get an overview of the island.

We will continue on to the North Shore to see the beaches (and hopefully surfers.)  I understand the food trucks here have very good shrimp so I hope it will be lunch time.

We should arrive back to Waikiki Beach about 4pm. I will post a more thorough description and review after I get back.

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