Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cruising the Hawaiian Islands

Today we will check out of our hotel and go to the pier where we will board Pride of America, Norwegian Cruise Line's ship.  We will cruise for 7 days seeing all the main islands and only have to unpack once.
  This is the only ship that departs from Hawaii - all the other cruise lines depart from the west coast so you will have multiple days at sea.

 We booked our cruise 6 months in advance in inside cabins and have managed to get an upgrade to ocean view cabins. (You can email me if you want to know how we did this).

The ship departs at 7pm so we would have time for more sightseeing in Honolulu. However I think we will take our luggage to the ship and explore our home for the next 7 days. Although I have been on at least 15 other cruises some of the people in our small group have never cruised before.

Tomorrow we will wake up in Maui!

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