Thursday, April 24, 2014

Maui: Sun, Sand, & Shopping

Maui: Sun, Sand, & Shopping with

Our  first port on our cruise consists of 2 days in Maui. There is so much to do here it is good to have 2 days.

A lot of people like to do the drive to Hana which is 60 miles with more than 300 switchbacks. It takes at least 3 1/2 hr. one way. The views are breathtaking with many gorges and waterfalls on the way. However the driver has to watch the road so you might want to consider doing this on a tour.

Another choice is going to Haleakula National Park, where we will se a dormant volcano. It is windy and chilly as it is over 10,000 ft. above sea level so go prepared.

There are also many whale watching and dolphin  tours that you can do here. However because we will be there in May the whales have migrated to Alaska for the summer.

This particular group of ladies decided they want to go to Lahaina and shop. Our ship will dock on the opposite side of the island which is about a 45 minute drive.

The ship does offer a transfer at 9:30 am with a return at 3 pm for about $37 per person. However we decided to rent a minivan so we can stay later. The cost of this for 2 days is $150. There is very little transportation on Maui but I understand it is easy to drive here.

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