Friday, October 24, 2014

5 Reasons to Take An Alaska Cruise

1. To see glaciers.
  Glaciers were formed on land over many years, often centuries. They have carved out valleys and sculpted mountains.  Glacial ice is very dense and blue.

 Your ship will get up close to the glaciers in Glacier Bay National Park or Tracy Arm most likely. You might  see Hubbard Glacier (depending on your itinerary)  which is the largest tidewater glacier in N. America at 76 miles long and 7 miles wide.

When your ship gets close to the glaciers go out on your balcony or on the upper deck and be very quiet. If you listen you will hear them crack and break off. This is called "calving".    

  Your ship will have a stop in Juneau. Hop on a bus and take the 10 minute ride to Mendenhall Glacier. It is worth seeing. There is a park ranger on duty to answer your questions.

  If you want to actually walk on a glacier take a helicopter ride which will land on a glacier. It's a thrilling experience! 
  I will be glad to help you plan your Alaska cruise and tours for next summer. I will find you the best ship and best cabin at the best price.  Give me a call at 336-922-1837.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

10 Tips for Traveling with Luggage

More of us are traveling with less luggage now that the airlines charge for each bag. If you are going for an extended time and cannot get by with a carry-on  then I have

                10 Tips to Help Your Luggage Arrive On Time and in Good Condition

1. Put your printed itinerary with your contact information inside your luggage where it will be easily seen if opened.

2. Remove all tags and travel stickers from previous trips as the scanner may read the wrong one.

3.Take a photo of the contents of your suitcase and keep in a safe place.


4.Do not pack anything valuable such as jewelry, electronics, important documents or medicines.

5. Take off any straps that can cause a bag to get caught on a conveyer belt.

6. Instead of putting your home address on your luggage tag, put the address of where you will be staying. You don't want to announce that your house will be empty.

7. Avoid using very expensive looking bags. Thieves will think it holds expensive items.

8. To protect checked bags from damage and theft use one of the luggage wrapping services found at many airports. For  about $10 you can wrap your bag in what looks like Saran Wrap and if the TSA unwraps it they will rewrap it for free.     

9.  Shortly after arriving at your destination check your items to make sure it is all there. If not submit a claim with the airline as soon as possible.

10.Most importantly buy travel insurance when you make your reservation. Besides covering you for cancellation due to illness or death in the family it will also cover your luggage up to a certain amount should it get lost.

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