Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Disney in the Off Season

Traveling to Disney in the off-season offers more discounts.

So when is the off-season? Pretty much anytime the kids are in school.

Disney in the Off Season with CruiseTogether

September and October as well as November and December have some great prices as long as you don't go over the holidays.

Usually if you stay at a resort in the park in the fall you will get a free dining plan . Or if you don't want the dining plan you can get a discount (usually 30% off) at a resort.

Off season at Disney can mean big discounts on the hotels!

It is also less crowded at those times. Some families opt to take their kids out of school for a few days. If your kids are young that might be an option. However if your kids are in middle or high school they probably would miss out on a lot and it would be more difficult to catch up.

At some schools you can get an excused absence if you go to the office prior to your trip and ask permission.  The child may have some "homework" such as writing a report on his/her trip.

So how can you make this an educational trip? Any kind of travel is a learning opportunity and exposes us all to new experiences if we are open to it.  Disney World has many educational opportunities and the kids won't even know they are learning because it will be so much fun.

How to make your Disney trip educational

To prepare the kids for your trip buy them each a journal so they can write in it each night. It will help them with their spelling and in forming ideas on paper. They can write about their favorite things so they can remember them later and what fun it is to re-live it later many times over!

If you are driving get some maps. Yes, the paper ones so they can learn to read a map and maybe they won't be crying "are we there yet?" quite so often.

And have them read about the states you drive through. Perhaps they can play "tour guide" and read to you as you drive along. You might even learn a thing or two.

As soon as you know you will be going talk to them about a budget. Encourage them to save some money for their own souvenirs.The younger ones will enjoy learning to count their money.

Photo with Piglet

Call me to find out about free dining or other discounts - 336-922-1837.

Next I will give you some ideas on educational opportunities in the park.

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