Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5 Mistakes People Make on Their Disney World Trip

1. Not getting to the parks early enough. Go early in the day and beat the heat, the crowds and the lines.
2. Underestimating the size of the park. It is 47 sq. miles and it takes time to travel between the resorts and parks and sometimes you have to use more than one mode of transportation. If you have a reservation to dine allow an hour to get there if it is in another park.

3. Not doing some pre-planning and not having a map. Have some sort of a plan or you will be spending your time roving around aimlessly. Get a map and schedule for the day as soon as you get to a park. Then look at it to see what parades, shows,  etc. you don't want to miss. Time can get away easily when you are having fun and before you know it you missed something you really wanted to see.

4. Not taking a midday break. Give the kids a chance for a nap or you will pay dearly later. Some time at your resort enjoying the pool will give everyone a chance to cool off and you will be ready to stay up for the fireworks later.

5. Not bringing water, snacks and sunblock. Snacks and water are expensive in Disney World so save yourself some time and money by bringing your own. The sunblock is self explanatory. Vacation is not fun if you get a sunburn.

Add your own ideas to this list. I know there are many more mistakes either you have made or seen others make. Share with us!

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